Cedar Nut Oil enriched with 10% Cedar Resin 100 ml - expired
Cedar Nut Oil enriched with 10% Cedar Resin 100 ml - expired

Siberian Cedar Pillow (with cedar nut kernel film)



The pillow is made of cotton cloth and filled with cedar nut kernel film which has undergone a cleaning process. The pillow is hypoallergenic and accumulates no static electricity. It has no contra-indications.

The cedar pillow has a noted orthopaedic effect whilst you sleep, the filling takes the form of the body of the person who is having a rest, the muscles are relaxed, the cervical spine is straight, the breathing is free. The natural cedar nut kernel filling surrounds the space around the sleeping person with a refined aroma making his sleep deeper and calmer.

It is nice to sleep in a bed made of cedar wood and have a pillow with cedar nut film filling. This is especially recommended to people who suffer fr om cardiovascular and respiratory system diseases.

Before going to bed it is advisable to aromatize the room wh ere you are going to sleep with any Siberian Cedar essential oil (needle, cone, resin). Soak some cotton wool with cedar oil and leave it in the room for one night.

Pillow size: 60x50 centimetres  

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