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Cedar Cream-balsam for Body Rejuvenation 30ml
The carefully selected composition of this cream is specifically created to rejuvenate the skin and restore elasticity to blood vessel while reducing joint and spine pain, wrinkles, and signs of aging.
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Ruticelit renove 50ml

Natural skin cream containing herbal extract, thermal water, high-quality vegetable oils and natural perfume. Light revitalizing composition Ideal for all skin types Especially suitable for facial skin with dilated blood vessels – couperose Reinforces and promotes the elasticity of vessels, stimulates microcirculation Reduces itching Softens the skin...
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Dermaton gel 100ml

 Dermaton Gel is primarily designed for the use as an after-sun-care product. It can be also used on the for various reasons irritated and/or hypersensitive skin. Soothing and cooling of the skin Regeneration of the skin after tanning Inhibition of the skin ageing and development of wrinkles Help in cellulite cases Facilitation of the healing of skin...
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Dermaton oil 100ml

 Dermaton Oil is suitable for the everyday care for dry/normal skin: Regeneration and nutrition of the skin Improvement of skin elasticity Inhibition of premature ageing of the skin Protection of the skin from exposure to potentially harmful influences After-sun care Facilitates faster sun-tanning Insect repellent
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Artrin profesional 500ml

It has strong analgetic, antispasmodic and blood circulation promoting effect. The active substances used in this cream can be used in such conditions as:- pain and inflammation of joints, muscles and tendons;- rheumatism, pain in the area of spine and cervical muscles;- fatigue, cold, insufficient blood circulation in extremities and other locomotory...
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Pentagram - regenerating creams

Protektin XXL 250ml

It is used in the conditions affecting liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, and pancreas. This regenerative cream has strong antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, blood-circulation-promoting, and cleaning effect. It is very suitable for the eczematous and problematic skin with tendency to the skin eruptions such as acne, psoriasis, lichens, herpes, allergic...
Pentagram - regenerating creams

Droserin XXL 250ml

This cream is suitable for harmonization of the energy channels when suffering from influenza, tonsillitis, cold, sinusitis, metopantritis, cough, heart pain, some cases of microbial and mycotic diseases of skin, and varicose ulcers. It may be also applied in the treatment of medullary, liver and stomach infections, infections of small and large...
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