Cedar Plate
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Cedar Plate

Zvonící cedry Ruska
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Hand-made Siberian Cedar Plate. Food placed in this plate is naturally enriched with useful cedar phytoncides.
Cedar necklace Cedar necklace 2
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Cedar products

Cedar necklace

Zvonící cedry Ruska
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Siberian Cedar Beads with pendant made from pine nuts. Hand-gathered from the Cedar Pines with pendant of Siberian cedar. /The pendant is not from Ringing Cedars Pine trees./
Cedar Pearl Beads
Cedar products

Siberian Cedar String of Beads

Zvonící cedry Ruska
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Cedar bead necklace made from pine nuts. Hand-gathered from the Cedar Pines. Products branded with "Ringing Cedars of Russia".
Siberian cedar pendant Siberian cedar pendant 2
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Cedar products

Siberian cedar pendant

Zvonící cedry Ruska
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Cedar pendant is made from very old Siberian cedar.    To become a Ringing Cedar pendant, in the words of author Vladimir Megre, the pendant must be worn over time and gather the energy from your body to become a true Ringing Cedar Pendant.  The length of twine is intended to fit all. You can also substitute the twine to any other.
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