Cedar Nut Oil enriched with Propolis 100ml
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Cedar Nut Oil enriched with Propolis 100ml - Ringing Cedars of Russia

Zvonící cedry Ruska
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Cedar nut oil enriched with the oil extract of propolis is a combination of the oils of Siberian cedar seedlings and the oil extract of dark kinds of propolis on Siberian cedar nut oil.
Siberian Cedar's Pine Nut Oil 100ml - clone
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Siberian Cedar Nut Oil in older time was named the means from 100 illnesses. The Cedar oil was always considered a delicacy. It is easily acquired by an organism, possesses high nutritious and curative properties, it is unusually rich in vitamins also microcells. Cedar nut oil contains a wide set of substances useful for a human body: polynonsaturated fat...
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