Cytosan single 90 pcs

Cytosan 90 cps


A concentrate of potassium humate, enriched with silymarin and succinic acid. Humic substances protect the cells, improve their oxidation, and liquidate various types of fungi and viruses, primarily herpes viruses. They protect the cells from various types of radiation, including radioactive and UV. Humic substances have a protective effect on intestines. A positive influence of Cytosan may be expected also in the cases of orthopedic diseases, arthrosis, and bones and joints degeneration.

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Cytosan is a bio-information product with detoxifying and regenerative effect containing humic substances, silymarin, and succinic acid.
It is designed for deep detoxification and regeneration of the body, and elimination of effect of the extraneous substances. It can be used as a supplement in the treatment of infectious, degenerative, hormonal, and oncological diseases.

Bio-information is a frequency emulating the controlling frequencies of the brain subcortical centers that control vegetative nervous system and the functioning of internal organs. Through their activity the negative information is blocked, and the process of reverse regeneration is started.

Energy effect according to TCM principles:
Cytosan harmonizes energy channels of large and small intestine, stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen and the governing vessel channel.
Cytosan can be of help in following conditions:

  • Conditions that require immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Protection of liver against liver toxins and regeneration of already damaged liver cells (cirrhosis, steatosis);
  • Supplement in the treatment of oncological diseases and radiotherapy;
  • Deep detoxification of the body, cleansing of blood;
  • Regeneration and protection of cells against the effect of heavy metals and toxins from the environment;
  • Microbial, bacterial and viral infections (Herpes virus, Cytomegalovirus, Helicobacter pylori, etc.), cold sores and weakened immunity;
  • Rheumatic articular conditions, arthrosis, arthritis, etc.;
  • Detoxification from fungi and yeast (Candida albicans and others);
  • Allergies;
  • Psoriasis, eczemas, rushes, acne;
  • Hormonal disorders, amenorrhea, menopause;
  • Diabetes type 2.

Other use of Cytosan:
Intensive face pack: dissolve content of one capsule in a small amount of water or the product Fytomineral thus creating an intensive regenerative face pack. Apply it on the face and décolletage. When the pack is dry, rinse it off with water. The effect of the pack can be modified by adding the small amount of some of the Energy bio-information creams. Thick paste made of Cytosan can be used on any deep damage of the skin (burns, abrasions, acid or irritant burns).

Cytosan should not be taken concurrently with the chemotherapy treatment. The ideal interval between chemotherapy treatment and Cytosan application is three days. Application of Cytosan is advisable in the usual three-week break between chemotherapy therapies. In the course of radiotherapy the application of Cytosan is safe and beneficial because it protects your body from irradiation damage.

Composition of Cytosan:
Potassium lignohumate is a mixture of humic and fulvic acids and their potassium salts. They are complex organic compounds with high molecular mass; they are born in the course of gradual decomposition of organic mass in the presence of oxygen in the places where lignite and peat can be found. They are exceptionally bioactive substances with high chemical reactivity, strong regenerative effects on the whole body and its energy system. Through chelate bonding humates are able to retain primarily heavy metals (Pb, Hg, Cd), free radicals and toxic substances that are later excreted from the body. It helps to inhibit the growth of fungi and some viruses and bacteria in the body. The process of detoxication is connected with better oxygenation of cells; it occurs in the whole body, inside each organ. Lignohumate is strong immune-stimulating agent with protective biological effect. It protects cells from various types of radiation, including radioactive and UV. Humic substances can cause the inhibition of the development of some types of cancer because they support DNA reparative processes. They lower the blood clotting ability therefore they are suitable as prevention from myocardial infarction and apoplexy. They facilitate faster dissolution of thrombi and hematomas; lower the risk of adhesion development. Their strong effect revealed itself also in the treatment of gynecological conditions of hormonal origin and in the cases of unstable level of estrogen. However, first and foremost, humates have protective effect on the intestines. They cleanse mucous membranes of the intestines; at the same time, they cover mucous membranes of the intestines with a protective microfilm that inhibits penetration of toxic substances and heavy metals into the bloodstream.

Silymarin refers to the plant flavoinoids extracted from the seeds of milk thistle (Silybum marianum). They help to protect and regenerate liver cells. This protective effect of silymarin shows mainly in stabilization of cell membranes and the positive influence on the functioning of liver cells. It inhibits impact of some liver toxins, removes free radicals from the body, facilitates excretion of bile, and alleviates spasms. As a bitter substance it encourages metabolism and digestion.

Succinic acid can be found not only in amber; it is a common part of almost all plant and animal tissues. It plays an important part in cell metabolism; activates function of all organs; shows regenerative effect on cells and improves absorption of iron in the organism.

Recommended daily dose:

Adults and children from 12 yo. – 1 capsule a day, maximum 3 capsules a day.
Children from 6 – 12 yo. – 1 capsule a day, maximum 2 capsules a day.
Children from 3 – 6 yo. – 1 capsule a day, can be dissolved in a cup of water or fruit tea.
Keep an interval of 1-2 hours between taking your regular medicines and application of Cytosan. Interrupt the application for one week after every 3-4 weeks. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. It is recommended to increase your intake of fluids in the course of detoxification.

Detoxification effect can cause higher frequency of bowel movement and/or darker coloration of the stool. It is a normal process of the evacuation of toxic substances from the body. The product is not designed for the children under age of 3. Consult your physician for advice in relation to the food supplement use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a diversified diet.
Store in an original container under cool (10 – 25 °C) and dry conditions; do not expose to direct sunlight and protect from frost. Keep out of the reach of children.


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