Regalen 30ml

Regalen 30ml


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Regalen is a bio-information product with a wide-spectrum regenerative effect that is manufactured using the latest achievements in the fields of phytotherapy, psychotronics, crystal therapy and bio-resonance. It is highly concentrated product containing herbal extracts, essential oils and bioinformation in balanced complex.

The Energy bio-information preparations affect a human body at several levels at the same time. While the active substances act directly on organs and processes in our body, the information factors obliterate a cause of illness in the information field through bio-resonance.

Thanks to the herbal extracts and bioinformation Regalen shows quite strong detoxicating, antioxidative and regenerative effects. It can help in cases of indigestion caused either by the insufficient functioning of digestive tract (e.g. insufficient production of digestive juices) or by unhealthy diet (overeating, irregular eating, too many fats in diet). High volume of bitter substances promotes healthy digestion and facilitates the excretion of the waste products from the body. At the same time Regalen can be used for detoxication of the whole body – blood, tissues and digestive tract. Considering its stimulating effect on the function of organs involved in processing and excretion of toxic substances from the body (liver and intestines) it is very suitable product for the “spring cleanse”. Improvement in the functioning of liver has a beneficial effect on other processes in the body. Regalen can be of help also in cases of allergic conditions (skin and systemic manifestations) caused by the insufficient function of liver and gall bladder and thus impaired ability of the body to get rid of the waste products. Through removal of toxic burden of the body Regalen facilitates overall regeneration of cells and tissues.

Regalen influences primarily the channels of liver, gall bladder, three burners, and large intestine.

Regalen can be of help in the following conditions:

  • thanks to high volume of bitter substances influences digestion, metabolism and excretion of toxins, fungi and other wastes from the body
  • normalization of the processes of digestion; can help in cases of loss of appetite, heartburn, feeling of fullness, flatulence
  • regeneration of liver after hepatitis, mononucleosis, or after alcohol intoxication
  • promotion of the function of stomach and production of bile
  • beneficial effect in cases of skin disorders (skin manifestations) and allergies
  • can help in lowering the cholesterol level and normalizing its metabolism
  • fatigue, headaches
  • tired eyes

Use of Regalen from the mental point of view:

Liver and gall bladder disorders express themselves in our state of mind as rage, impulsive behavior, anger, weak self-control, heightened irritability, chronic dissatisfaction, oversensitivity to noise or strong aromas and tastes.

Regalen herbal composition:

Agrimonia eupatoria: is used in liver, stomach, intestine and gall bladder inflammation; in heart failure and fatigue. It is useful in the treatment of metabolic and digestive defects.

Chelidonium majus: is used in severe cases of liver and gall bladder disease; in eczema, allergy, gallstones, and asthma. It relieves spasms and cramps. It has been proved to have anticancer and antimycotic properties.

Galium verum: has a positive effect on the lymphatic system, and on the function of the spleen, liver and kidneys. It is used as a diuretic and spasmolytic agent.

Gentiana lutea: stimulates the production of erythrocytes and leucocytes. It is used in flatulence, in gall bladder dysfunction, and as a neuro-stimulating agent and stomachic.

Pimpinella saxifraga: stimulates the digestive processes and the production of bile. It is used in bronchitis, urolithiasis and mucosal inflammation of the larynx.

Plantago lanceolata: is used in liver disease, jaundice, gallstones, constipation, and chronic bronchitis. It contains germanium which has antimycotic properties.

Potentilla erecta: is used in stomach and small intestine inflammation; in diarrhea and internal bleeding. It stimulates the function of liver and has antibacterial properties.

Silybum marianum: the seeds are extremely well suited for the treatment of virtually all diseases of the liver and gall bladder. They regenerate and protect liver cells, and have antipyretic properties. They contain a great quantity of sulfur.

Taraxacum officinale: is used in diseases of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder and kidneys. It purifies the blood and intestines and stimulates digestion. It is very effective in diabetes and skin disease.

Veronica officinalis: is an effective diuretic. It purifies the blood and decreases blood cholesterol levels. It is used in diseases of the liver and spleen; and has a positive effect on eczema.

Saxifraga granulata: is used in cases of gallstones and urolithiasis, and in the treatment of mycosis and acne. It is also used for the regeneration of cells and in cases of dysfunction of the metabolic processes. Another application is in the treatment of liver, spleen and skin disease. It has a diuretic effect.

Marrubium vulgare: is effective in the treatment of internal purulent processes, peptic ulcers, cardiac arrhythmia, constipation, as well as in the treatment of respiratory tract, gall bladder, and liver disease.

Artemisia abrotanum: stimulates the secretion of bile, metabolism, and proper liver functioning. It is effective in cases of fever, mycosis and heart disease.

Zanthoxylum piperitum: It is a plant of Ruta family with wide spectrum of effects mainly on liver, lungs, spleen, pancreas and the CNS. It has tonifying, antimicrobial and antiviral effects.

Furthermore, Regalen contains essential oils and plant and mineral information.

Combination with the cream Protektin is recommended.

Regeneration process and dosage:

Shake well before use. This leads to the dynamization of the information components, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the product.

Adults: 2 – 7 drops 1-3x a day; children from 12 year of age - 7 drops per day; children 3 - 12 year-old 2 drops per day, half an hour before or after the meal. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Put drops on a spoon and apply directly or put them in a glass of water. To stimulate the process of detoxication increase your intake of fluids within the period of regeneration process. After three weeks it is necessary to interrupt the application for one week.

In chronic conditions apply minimum dosage, in acute conditions increase the dosage. In the event of temporary or transient aggravation, decrease the dosage down to minimum. After improvement return to the original dosage. Do not discontinue, as these are symptoms of the reverse regeneration process, during which symptoms of previous diseases may appear. This phenomenon represents only a positive regenerative reaction!

If in doubt about the exact dosage, always consult your physician or therapist. In pregnancy no regeneration products should be used, unless a physician is consulted.

Product is suitable for diabetics.


Product is not designed for children under age 3.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a diversified diet.


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