Fytomineral 100ml


Fytomineral contains highly concentrated sol-gel of more than 64 elements of Mendeleyev periodic table in a natural form that help our body to keep a perfect bio-energy balance. Their utilization is up to 98%. These elements increase the utilization of vitamins and other substances required for nutrition of a man; they help to regulate the hormonal activity of endocrine system and play an important role in DNA synthesis. The whole range of Fytomineral elements function as an antioxidant against free radicals. It means, that colloidal minerals have an antioxidant effect on a human body.

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Fytomineral is a bio-information preparation with a wide spectrum of regenerative effects. Most of all it affects an energy channel of three burners, a central one – of spleen, stomach, liver, gall bladder, urinary bladder , a connective channel, and a number of various connecters, side branches, tendo-myotic channels including a channel of conception and a control channel. Indirectly through the energy channels and directly through cell alimentation it affects almost all important centers of our body.

Fytomineral contains highly concentrated sol-gel of more than 64 elements of Mendeleyev periodic table in a natural form. It is produced from the plants that grew on the earth hundred million years ago. One small bottle of the colloidal minerals concentrate could substitute for tens of packages of minerals available on the market. The human body needs less colloidal minerals and it can choose those it needs.

What are the differences between colloidal minerals gained from the plants and other mineral forms:

Plants contain the elements in a natural form. These minerals are the best acceptable for the human, animal and plant cells. Their utilization is up to 98%. For your information: Classic mineral form that is available on the market, e.g. in the form of ground dolomite containing magnesium and calcium is utilizable only up to 4-5% . Better preparations with chelate bonds may be utilized up to 45% . The aforementioned show that minerals gained from the plants are utilizable the best. The whole range of Fytomineral elements function as an antioxidant against free radicals. Now you know the truth and you can make your decision which form of minerals you will choose the next time.

What is the colloidal form?
Microorganisms in the soil transform inorganic particles of minerals into a form usable by the plants. Through their root system plants absorb these minerals and by a process of photosynthesis they transform them into the organic colloidal form. The colloidal mineral gained by the plant is made of super small particles in diameter of 0.0001 micron. So their size is 1/600 of a red blood cell. The colloidal mineral complexes comprised in the plants help the human body to keep a perfect bioelectric balance. This balance is the basis for good health and a long life. The human body can easily use these microscopic colloidal complexes. Further they increase utilization of vitamins and other substances necessary for the nutrition of a man . Due to their high utilization it is sufficient to use the small quantities of these colloidal forms of minerals in the preparation.

Enzymes are produced in a body only when the colloidal trace minerals are present . Colloidal minerals and trace elements are either a basic part of each enzyme or they interact with them. The colloidal minerals also help to regulate hormonal function of the endocrine system of the body and they play an important role in the DNA synthesis.

An interesting and important characteristic of the colloidal minerals is their ousting (substituting) function. For example, colloidal nickel – Ni, barium – Ba, aluminum – Al, strontium – Sr and other elements of the Mendeleyev periodic table in a colloidal form are able to oust (eliminate) from the body a waist (toxic) form of the same element. That means that colloidal minerals have detoxicating effect in the human body. Several years ago Dr. Joel D. Wallach, D.V.M., N.D., M.S., who was for his work “Amazing characteristics of colloidal minerals” nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1991, presented the important and significant works in the field of colloidal chemistry to the medical science. Well-known German biophysicist Dr. Popp proved that prehistoric phyto-derivatives of colloidal minerals are absolutely nontoxic and they increase the energic output of the cells. Bacteriologist Dr. Frederick S. Macy demonstrated their non-toxicity on himself. Without any consequences he drank solutions of the colloidal elements during his demonstrations. Under normal (non-colloidal) condition are these elements toxic. In the colloidal form they are even beneficial.

Interesting notes on colloidal minerals:

Aluminum : has a positive effect in case of Alzheimer's disease. On the other hand, it is suspected that its metallic form causes aging of the brain.

Arsenic : is necessary for newborns' development and growth. In the metallic form it is a poison.

Calcium : is necessary for building of strong bones and muscles. It eliminates convulsions and helps to regulate the heart function and transmission of neural impulses.

Magnesium : is essential to enzyme function, and maintenance of electric capacity between nerves and muscular membranes. It balances pH and facilitates assimilation of calcium and potassium. It is a key mineral for the heart function and carbohydrate and mineral metabolism.

Chromium and vanadium : Their deficiency results in an insatiable craving for sweets because you have a low sugar level in your blood. If this condition goes on for long time, it could later change into diabetes. Chromium is essential for the utilization of the blood sugar (glucose) to produce energy. Vanadium is an essential material influencing seba metabolism. It takes great part in the protection of a human body against heart diseases and cancer. It helps to rebuild pancreatic tissues damaged by the chromium and vanadium deficiency.

Copper: Deficiency causes reduced skin and tissue elasticity, wrinkles, graying, anaemia, degeneration of nerves, skeletal, reproduction and other defects, weakening of blood vessels, varices. Influence on tissue elasticity has been proved in a lab several times.

Tin : Deficiency results in deterioration of hearing and hair loss in men (unless it is a matter of genetics). It is important for many bioelectric functions and for hair growth. It improves functioning of the immune system and reflexes.

Boron : In case of deficiency your body will lose the ability to keep calcium in the bones and those will start decalcify. It helps to maintain a correct level of oestrogen in women and testosterone in men. It is an absolutely indispensable in the time of menopause.

Zinc : Hypogeusia and anosmia are the first signs of zinc deficiency.

Silicon : improves ligaments, skin, hair and nails. It helps in healing of wounds and ensures tissue elasticity.

Chlorine : In a colloid-bound form it is responsible for tissues tension and sustains liver – supports detoxication.

Phosphorus : supplies strength and energy and is an important part of bones.

Iron : is necessary for production of hemoglobin (red blood-coloring matter). It takes part in a transfer of oxygen from lungs to the whole body. The colloidal iron is not toxic and helps us to get rid of dangerous waste form.

Selenium : is an important reinforcement of the immune system. Together with zinc they defend a human body against cancer.

The usage of an incorrect form of mineral causes deposition of waste elements in a human body resulting in various damages to the functions essential to life and in premature aging.

On the other hand, while using the colloidal form of elements from Fytomineral and through bio-information the body starts getting rid of unneeded deposits and starts up the in-depth regeneration .

Composition mg/l (ppm)

Magnesium Mg 2000
Aluminum Al 870
Potassium K 600
Calcium Ca 300
Iron Fe 300
Sulfur S 300
Sodium Na 300
Silicon Si 10
Chlorine Cl 60
Phosphorus P 30
Manganese Mn 20
Lithium Li 5
Praseodymium Pr <10
Neodymium Nd <10
Zinc Zn 6 Tellurium Te <5
Tungsten W <5
Thorium Th <5
Cerium Ce <5
Strontium Sr 4
Copper Cu 4
Rubidium Rb 4
Nickel Ni 2
Gallium Ga 1
Molybdenum Mo 1
Hafnium Hf 1
Europium Eu 1
Terbium Tb 1
Cobalt Co 1
Niobium Nb 1
Iridium Ir 1
Dysprosium Dy 1
Scandium Sc 1Zirconium Zr 1
Samarium Sm 1
Erbium Er 1
Chromium Cr 0,8
Boron B 0,8
Bismuth Bi 0,5
Palladium Pd 0,5
Rhodium Rh 0,5
Lanthanum La 0,5
Germanium Ge 0,5
Vanadium Va 0,5
Cesium Cs 0,05
Platinum Pt 0,5
Ruthenium Ru 0,5
Gadolinium Gd 0,5
Thallium Tl 0,05
Indium In 0,5
Barium Ba 0,02
Osmium Os 0,5
Rhenium Re 0,5
Holmium Ho 0,5
Ytterbium Yb 0,5
Antimony Sb 0,3
Gold Au 0,3
Selenium Se 0,2
Yttrium Y 0,1
Lutetium Lu 0,1
Beryllium Be 0,1
Titanium Ti 0,1

Fytomineral is 100% natural product and element contents may vary.

The colloidal minerals and diabetes

Diabetes is a widespread disease that is connected with many other complications.

Fytomineral in a natural form contains necessary elements for diabetics such as vanadium, chromium, manganese and zinc. Together with bio-information they speed up regeneration of pancreas. When suffering from diabetes, start taking Fytomineral and drink dandelion root tea or blueberry leaves tea.

According to the research carried out by University of British Columbia in Vancouver, vanadium itself is able gradually replace necessity to take insulin within a period of 4 – 6 months. Therefore it is advisable to take Fytomineral that contains vanadium together with other necessary minerals.

Other uses of Fytomineral – sport, cosmetics, plants, animals.

- Fytomineral may be used as a concentrate to prepare an excellent mineral water containing a natural form of minerals that you will not be able to buy in any store. 15 drops are sufficient for half a liter of quality water.

- After physical exertion and training any sportsman can prepare an ion drink when he/she adds 15 drops of colloidal minerals into a glass of water. It improves regeneration, muscle growth and vitamins utilization.

- Fytomineral may also be used as an ideal preparation of nutrient for your plants. Add 4 drops of concentrate into one liter of water and you have the nutrient for your plants.

- Hair regeneration – Add 15 drops into half a liter and after washing moisturize your hair and hair skin with this mineral water.

- Nails regeneration – after every removal of the nail polish or in case your nails are easily broken and are of bad quality apply the concentrate solution of colloidal minerals to every nail.

- Skin regeneration – By adding 15 drops into half a liter of water you will get the mineral water for tired skin. Externally it can also act on various types of rashes and eczemas if your skin cannot stand anything else than clean water. Apply to the affected place three times a day. Always prepare fresh water. You cannot do anything wrong by adding Fytomineral into various creams and face packs. It can only improve them.

- You can also add the minerals into the water for your pets. Add 2 drops of Fytomineral into 100 ml of water.

Fytomineral may be used as a perfect mineral nutrition in case of various diseases. It may be taken together with other preparations in cases of, e.g., virus infections , life energy insufficiency , hypoimmunity, stress, fatigue, diabetes and various disorders of pancreas , liver , intestines and kidneys , varices , visual impairment , eczemas and various rashes , and also to regenerate and revive the whole body , bones , teeth , hair and nails . We also recommend it in cases of all visceral disorders , osteoporosis and for higher level of magnesium, disorders of central nervous system , muscles nutrition , poor haematopoiesis , oncology diseases , activation of hormonal system , regeneration of the cells , improvement of the brain function , vitamins utilization and detoxication . As an antioxidant it counteracts free radicals and premature aging . Take Fytomineral for healthy and long life.

Regeneration procedure and dosage:

Content 100 ml, that means approx. 30 daily doses

Shake before use.
Children 3-12 yo .: 2 ml daily (approx. 15 drops twice a day)

Over 12 yo. : 3 ml daily (approx. 15 drops three times a day)

Not recommended to children under 3 yo.

Suitable for diabetics.

Mix a daily dose of colloidal minerals in a glass of water and drink after meals if possible.

After three weeks of use interrupt the use for one week.

Occasional sediment is not considered harmful.

In case of temporary deterioration lower the dosage used to minimum and dose it by drops even in longer intervals than one day. After improvement again increase the dosage. Do not interrupt the use because it is a matter of regressive regeneration process during which the symptoms of previous diseases may occur.

This condition is only a positive regeneration reaction!!!

Colloidal minerals deposit in a place where millions years ago grew the rainforest. Today the mineral residues of the rainforest are mined in novel – wet way. The raw material is concentrated up to a required level. In the final stage it goes through a number of special filters that let only colloidal minerals through. In such way a strong concentrate is gained

Hundreds year before appearance of a white man Indians of the Paiutu tribe in Central Utah made journeys to the legendary sacred spring renowned for its exceptional healing properties. 



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