Cedar pillow with cedar chips 50 x 60

Cedar pillow with cedar chips 50x60

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Pillow filled with chips of Siberian cedar wood. One of the features of this pillow is its high elasticity, and orthopedic properties, it keeps your head and neck in the correct anatomical position, and helps to relax the muscles of the back, shoulders and neck; helps to get rid of pain. It is especially useful for people with cervical osteochondrosis and other problems with the cervical spine.

Due to the fine and dense structure of the chip pillow has an effect of the light massage and the impact on the acupuncture points on the face and ears during the night, which improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the body as a whole unit.

Pillowcase is made from natural cotton coarse calico, dense fabric, which does not allow chips to penetrate outside, but at the same time it provides good air circulation.

Packaging: gift bag

Size: 50*60 cm

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