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Soapnuts are 100% natural substitute to normal laundry detergents. They contain natural saponin, which is released in warm water.

They can be used for:

  • Machine laundry for all textiles, they are perfect for wool and silk.
  • Using soapnuts will not wash out colours of your coloured laundry
  • For people with allergies and dermatological conditions, as they do not leave chemical residues in your laundry.

Soapnuts way of operation:
Put 3 to 8 soapnuts half shells (according to the table below) in the small cotton bag found in the package, close it and put it among linen in the washing-machine. Soapnuts can remain till the end of washing cycle, as rinsing water is cold and very little saponine will thus remain on linen. You may add few drops of your favourite essential oil to the laundry bag to add some light scent to your laundry.

White laundry and linen:
Soapnuts do not contain bleaching substances and brightening agents, which are commonly added to laundry detergents. Therefore when washing white laundry, it is advisable to add some PUER powder (100% sodium percarbonate, 100% eco-degradable product) to the wash load.

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