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Cytosan Fomentum gel 100ml


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Cytosan Fomentum Gel is a bio-information regenerative product containing humic substances (potassium humate, potassium lignohumate), silymarin (Milk Thistle seed extract) and succinic acid.

This product is designed for skincare, detoxification and regeneration based on the excretion of waste substances from the body through skin and absorption of nutrients through the intercellular spaces in the skin. Active substances in Cytosan Fomentum Gel are able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin and bind the waste substances. Together with our Pentagram creams Cytosan Fomentum Gel facilitates cleansing, regeneration and protection of cells.
Bioinformation is made up of frequencies that mimic control frequencies of our sub-cortical centers, controlling the vegetative nervous system and regulating functions of internal organs. Its effect facilitates the suppression of the negative information and evocation of a reverse regeneration process.


  • acts on infections and fungi of bacterial and viral origin
  • takes part in the detoxification leading to stabilization of the organism
  • helps in cases of inflammation of the internal organs by directly acting through skin
  • improves blood perfusion, alleviates fatigue and exhaustion of muscles
  • improves condition of the locomotor system when suffering from joint pains and inflammations; pain alleviating effect
  • protects from UV-rays and free radicals, retards the ageing of cells
  • improves condition of the skin, has positive effect on skin disorders
  • helps in cases of irregular periods


  • cosmetics
  • face masks and packs, compresses, detoxication, skin rejuvenation
  • massages
  • compresses applied to spine, muscles, joints, face, neck and head
  • wounded and damaged tissues – swellings, hematomas, abrasions, injuries, post-surgery conditions
  • inflamed areas
  • chemically-induced skin damage, irradiation, UV-induced damage.

Usage of Cytosan Fomentum – interesting facts
Tooth pain – inflammation of a dental sac
Apply Cytosan Fomentum Gel on the skin (cheek) above an inflamed tooth and on the closest lymph node. Leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse off with water and on the same place apply thicker layer of Artrin. When the cream turns dark, wash it down with water and apply the cream once more. When suffering from pain, repeat the application of Cytosan Fomentum Gel several times a day with one hour intervals until the pain subsides.
Period pains
Apply Cytosan Fomentum Gel on the skin above uterus and inguinal lymph nodes (from bellybutton all the way down to groin). Leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse off with water and on the same place apply thicker layer of Cytovital. After one hour rinse it off and repeat the application of Cytovital in one-hour intervals. After 10 hours start all over again with Cytosan Fomentum Gel. Continue the application until the pain subsides.

Suggested method of application:
Cytosan Fomentum Gel is easily applied by spreading it with your fingers. Leave to act for 20 minutes, additionally it can be covered with clean natural cloth (Do not wrap it into synthetic cloth or polypropylene.) Do not swallow or use internally.

All applications consult with your physician or therapist.

Cytosan Fomentum Gel – composition
Potassium humate – potassium salt of humic and fulvic acids
Humic substances create a specific group of high-molecular and low-molecular substances of dark color that result from decomposition of organic residues in the soil. They become a part of peat (and also of lignite). They are exceptionally bioactive substances, structures of which show high surface activity in the processes of sorption, chelation, and ion exchange.
It helps inhibit the growth of fungi and some viruses in a body. A process of detoxication then shows better cell oxygenation and takes place inside all body organs, not only on their surface.
Potassium lignohumate – the third generation methods of obtaining humic substances
Pure wood substance is a basic raw material. The original raw material is younger than the one of humate and contains higher volume of humic substances. Lignohumate is water-soluble therefore it is very suitable for the use on skin.
Combination of both types of humate unites all their positive properties and their use in compresses and packs facilitates maximal detoxication, protection and revitalization of tissues.
Silymarin refers to the plant flavonoids extracted from the seeds of milk thistle (Silybum marianum). They help to protect and regenerate liver cells. This protective effect of silymarin shows mainly in stabilization of cell membranes and the positive influence on the functioning of liver cells. It inhibits impact of some liver toxins, removes free radicals from the body, facilitates excretion of bile, and alleviates spasms. As a bitter substance it encourages metabolism and digestion.
Succinic acid can be found not only in amber; it is a common part of almost all plant and animal tissues. It can be found in rhubarb, currant, gooseberry, honey, meat, cheese, and wine. Amber itself is a fossil resin of mainly coniferous trees, especially pine trees. It was used in the treatment of eye, ear, stomach and thyroid gland disorders, and also to inhibit the development of kidney stones.
Succinic acid:
- plays an important role in cell metabolism (takes part in Krebs cycle);
- activates function of all organs;
- shows regenerative effect on cells;
- improves absorption of iron in the organism.
Store in an original container under cool (10-25°C) and dry conditions. Protect from frost.


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