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King-Kong is a wide-spectrum regenerative preparation with an anabolic effect of natural origin. The plant substances have a positive effect on post-trauma conditions and improvement of condition of bones, cartilages, and skin. It may be used to increase a power output, and thus through exercises facilitate the growth of muscles. Further it can be used in cases of mental stress, lowered sexual activity, some types of eczema, atrophy of muscles, and diseases of intestines. The complex of herbs and bio-information has a detoxicating effect, improving purity of cells and blood.


The Energy bio-information preparations affect a human body at several levels at the same time. While the active substances act directly on organs and processes in our body, the information factors obliterate a cause of illness in the information field through bio-resonance.

King Kong is a bio-information product with a wide-spectrum regenerative and a natural anabolic effect that is manufactured using the latest achievements in the fields of phytotherapy, psychotronics, crystal therapy and bio-resonance. This highly concentrated product (30 ml equals 400 ml of a typical extract) is made using a special technology. It contains neither alcohol, nor sugar; therefore it is suitable also for those suffering from diabetes.

It primarily influences the channels of lungs, heart, kidneys, and urinary bladder, the controlling channel, tendo-muscular channel, the channels of gall bladder, large intestine, spleen, yin and yang connective path, and three burners. The harmonization of these energy channels helps in the health complaints caused by their disharmony. It is a product, which, together with exercise, can help you loose some weight and regain energy and determination.

Bitter substances in King Kong facilitate digestion, functioning of the heart, detoxication of a body, and ease protein processing.  

The physical activity is the best way to rejuvenate our body. A man should keep himself fit all his life. Health, physical beauty, harmony and a bit of mother wit are the basis for a success in our life. Physical and mental development should be in harmony. Otherwise one part is slowing down the other one. A good physical condition gives a chance to cope with greater physical exertion, and also with exceptional strain caused by an illness, injury, or great mental stress. If a man does not move, the muscles that keep the spine in a right place grow weak and flabby. The weak muscles allow vertebrae to slip into a wrong position and press on the nerves coming out of the spinal cord. Later on this condition have an impact on the whole body.

The lack of exercise and excessive consumption of animal proteins and sugar put a strain on kidneys, cause hyperacidity of the organism, and decalcification and embrittlement of bones. Gradually decline all vital functions of organism, unneeded fat grows, the immunity weakens and a man feels like a discharged battery. There is only one solution left – start moving and exercising.

A man over thirty is definitely not ready for the scrap-heap. Those, who have taken the exercises to their heart, surpass any younger ones with their vitality. The exercises increase breathing rhythm and energy capacity. As a rule, after physical activity the energy capacity decreases, however, after the rest we have more energy capacity than ever. The increase of the energy capacity is a natural defensive process of the organism against the next stress. Those, who have energy, have everything – it is the basis for our health!

The positive result of King Kong effect is the slowdown of aging.

The regular use of King Kong brings back virility and vitality even in the old age. The plants used in King Kong contain a number of so-called steroid saponins, mainly from sarsaparilla. The sarsaparilla plant substances stimulate the increased production of testosterone in men. It is the most important male hormone, which can be found also in a female body but in low concentrations. Testosterone facilitates the growth of muscles and sexual activity.

Use in sport:
Already since the first half of the 1950s anabolic steroids have been used in sport. They are substances used for speeding the increase of performance level; in cases of bodybuilding and other power sports to facilitate the growth of muscles. Most of anabolic steroids are derivates of testosterone. They have their positive, but also negative effects on a human body.

Some people react to low doses of steroids, others to high doses. The answer to this lies in diet and genes. Someone is muscular because he has genetic predisposition, the other because he has more testosterone receptors, so he is better able to use this hormone. King Kong can improve the growth and nutrition of muscles in natural way, e.g. by increasing testosterone receptors in the body. Research revealed that substances similar to female hormone estrogen have a positive effect on their increase. 

King Kong can improve the growth and nutrition of muscles in natural way, e.g. by increasing a number of receptors in the body. The research proved that the substances similar to the female hormone estrogen show a strong influence in their increase. Primarily a special blend of plants in Gynex contains substances similar to estrogen. The combination of King Kong and Korolen improves the production of testosterone and promotes peripheral blood circulation of muscles, too. Moreover, faster growth of muscles may be speed up by the cream Ruticelit. The application of this cream on an exercised muscle before exercises ensures not only promotion of blood circulation, but also better nutrition, oxygenizing, and growth.

To increase the growth of muscles use King Kong in a dosage 7 drops three times a day together with Gynex – 5 drops three times a day. For better blood circulation one can add 5 drops of Korolen three times a day.

It is well known that the breathing rhythm increases during exercises. Breathing is necessary to increase the energy capacity. We do not have to practice the breathing exercises like the monks in a Tibetan monastery but during higher physical activity also energy increases. During the rest, duration of which is individual for each of us, the energy returns, however, it is always higher energy capacity than before the first exercise. This process repeats itself after each next exercise so this way our body constantly increases the energy capacity. The sufficient energy capacity is the best basis for our health. The maximum conversion of energy into the muscles is facilitated by the preparation King Kong.

The preparation is blended in a way that maximally respects and complements the diet of bodybuilders. It improves metabolism and speeds up degradation of fats. According to the testing sportsmen describe an excellent effect on power output, higher concentration during exercises, and coordination of the movements. Substances contained in the plants have slight anabolic, diuretic and diaphoretic effect and eliminate the negative effect of anabolics. They improve nutrition and quality of cartilages. A man easily overcomes the physical strain and gives maximum performance.

The correct functioning of the lungs and kidneys channels has a positive influence on strategic organs. Their good function increases a level of the man’s positive health. The suitability of this preparation for individuals may be tested by the machines working on the principles of EAV method. Further it contains bitter principles that facilitate digestion, detoxication of the organism, and enzymes processing. The natural substances and bio-information harmonize the hormonal system, and functioning of kidneys, spleen, lungs, intestines, tonify the organism and increase the energy capacity. They improve concentration during exercises and coordination of the movements, and nutrition and quality of cartilages. Bio-information enhances the regeneration effect.

Smilax medica: contains steroid saponins with an anabolic effect. It has excellent effects in treatment of urological conditions, renal colic, muscular and articular rheumatism, psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, enterocolitis, syphilis, leprosy, and condylomata. It cleans blood and increases sexual activity.

Crataegus monogyna: tones up a heart muscle and improves its oxygenation, regulates blood circulation, promotes blood circulation in the brain, strengthen the blood vessels, soothes and improves functioning of the kidneys, and facilitates breathing.

Schizandra chinensis: contains a number of substances protecting the cells and liver. It strengthens the lungs, kidneys, heart, stomach, intestines, and is used for fever, pains and aches, and stress. IT relaxes muscles, deepens breathing, improves vision and overall performance of the organism.

Hippophaë rhamnoides: contains highly bio-active substances. It lowers a level of cholesterol, fats and sugar, facilitates regeneration of the organism, protects against sclerosis. It is excellent in rheumatism, gout, and immunodeficiency.

Medicago sativa: has a positive effect on the function of thyroid gland, hypophysis, kidneys and spleen. Overall it strengthen the organism, removes the swellings. It is used for anemia and rheumatism.

Hibiscus sabdariffa: contains a number of organic acids and is used for the urological and renal disorders. It lowers a level of sugar and cholesterol, has positive effect on spleen and blood quality.

Cnicus benedictus: has antibiotic and antiviral effect. It kills grampositive bacteria, inhibits fermentation and decomposition in the intestines, and facilitates production of bile and digestive juices. It is used for gout, influenza, shingles, and liver diseases.

Menyanthes trifoliata: is used for the disorders of liver, spleen, haematopoiesis, headaches, fever, and general exhaustion. It contains iodine, iron, manganese, and phytoncides.

Silybum marianum: the seeds have and excellent effect in the treatment of almost all liver and gall bladder diseases. It lowers fever, regenerates and protects liver cells. It contains the high volume of sulphur.

Eryngium campestre: is used for the lungs diseases. It makes expectoration much easier. It lowers the cohesiveness of bladder calculi, has anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac effect, and has positive influence on metabolism of the whole body.

Galeopsis segetum: contains the high volume of silicon. It is used for the diseases of lungs, spleen, and blood. It regenerates connective tissues and has anti-inflammatory effect. The minerals contained in the plant and their volume is similar to that of the human blood.

Panax ginseng: overall strengthens the organism. It is used in the collapse conditions, anemia, and general exhaustion. It strengthens the lungs, spleen, and pancreas, stimulates the functioning of the CNS, heightens the senses, and has an anabolic effect.

Liriosma ovata: is a natural anabolic agent and aphrodisiac. It supplies energy, tonifies, and stimulates hormonal system. It has positive effect on the CNS and kidneys.

Codonopsis pilosula: is an anabolic and tonifying agent, a supplier of energy with antibacterial effect that strengthens the whole organism.

Zanthoxylum piperitum: has anabolic, antimicrobial, and antiviral effect. It improves functioning of the CNS, regenerates liver, spleen, and has a positive effect on the heart. It regenerates cartilages.

A taste of King Kong is fine-tuned with a special blend of essential oils and bioactive substances with protective and regenerative effect.  

Further it contains the bio-information of minerals such as chalkopyrite, sphalerite, milk opal, calcite, and others.

This composition of herbs and bio-information may be used to improve condition of bones, cartilages, and skin, and its protection from excessive sunbathing. During a diet it may be used as a fat burner. Further it is used in cases of general exhaustion, mental stress, lowered sexual activity, psoriasis, some types of eczema, post-trauma conditions, atrophy of muscles, articular disorders, diseases of intestines, kidneys, urinary bladder, various inflammations, and also for such diseases as syphilitic condyloma and leprosy. It is also used to harmonize the hormonal system. Its detoxicating effect improves purity of cells and blood. The plant substances have positive effect on the lungs of smokers.

No sportsman should neglect King Kong. It can be successfully used to increase the power output and together with the exercises to build up muscles and inhibit the genesis of a catabolic process.

Use of King Kong from the mental point of view:

It boosts the will to overcome problems, decisiveness, and a male principle. It increases physical, mental, and sexual activity. It eliminates sadness, fear, and phobias.
For more detail information please see the brochure Regeneration in Pentagram where is a description of all main energy channels.
Regeneration process and dosage:
Shake well before use (approx. 21x). This leads to the dynamization of the information components, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the product.

Take 2 – 7 drops 1-3x a day, half an hour before or after the meal. Put drops on a spoon and apply directly or put them in a glass of water. To stimulate the process of detoxication increase your intake of fluids within the period of regeneration process.

In chronic conditions apply minimum dosage, in acute conditions maximum dosage. In the event of temporary or transient aggravation, decrease the dosage down to minimum, or take the syrup by drops even in longer intervals than one day. After improvement return to the original dosage. Do not discontinue, as these are symptoms of the reverse regeneration process, during which symptoms of previous diseases may appear. This phenomenon represents only a positive regenerative reaction!

In view of the reverse reaction of the organism the bodybuilders and those, who have to have a good-looking skin during their performance, should ideally use the first bottle two months before the important event. If there was no reaction, you can use the preparation without any limitations even during the competitions.
In severe cases we recommend smaller initial doses and the prior consultation of a physician.

In pregnancy no regeneration products should be used, unless a physician is consulted.

In some cases, 1 package may suffice for regeneration; that is a one-month dose including a week-long pause. In more severe cases, more packages may be needed.

After three weeks interrupt the application for one week.

Suitable for diabetics. 

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