Heart attack

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Vitamarin 90 cps.

Balanced ratio of Vitamarin active substances has a positive effect on the state of health of those suffering from cardiac disorders and high blood pressure. Primarily it is recommended in cases of high level of blood fats, coronary stenosis, risk of thrombosis, and stroke. It may also be used as a supplement in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, bone...
Cytosan single 90 pcs
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Unique natural substances

Cytosan 90 cps

A concentrate of potassium humate, enriched with silymarin and succinic acid. Humic substances protect the cells, improve their oxidation, and liquidate various types of fungi and viruses, primarily herpes viruses. They protect the cells from various types of radiation, including radioactive and UV. Humic substances have a protective effect on intestines....
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Celitin 90 cps.

Balanced ratio of active substances contained in Celitin has a positive effect primarily on those parts of the brain that are taking part in the processes of the long-term planning, concentration, and attention. Use of this product improves memory, helps to overcome stress, and prevent fatigue and exhaustion. Bio-information in the product, together with...
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