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This aromatic bath, containing a high volume of humic substances and selected essential oils blend, contains active substances that directly affect the skin or get to our blood through the lungs. They harmonize the single organs, and thus promote blood circulation in the skin and joints. Better blood circulation in these places brings better supply of nutrients and oxygen and consequently faster regeneration of damaged tissues. The bath containing humates and essential oils has a detoxicating effect on the body, promotes blood circulation, mobilizes the immune system, and facilitates oxidation of the cells (act as antioxidants). Essential oils directly affect the metabolism and the CNS.

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Balneol is a bio-information aromatic bath containing a high volume of humic substances , castor oil , and selected essential oils blend. The bath is not foamy and is highly concentrated – 110 ml of Balneol equal 400 ml of other standard bath. Balneol contains grapefruit, arbor vitae, juniper, camphor, litsea, and styrax extracts. It harmonizes the channels of urinary bladder, kidneys, spleen, three burners, large intestine, yin connective channel, small intestine connecting line, and others. Thus it positively affects the disorders related to these channels.

Everybody has definitely heard about the peat spa and about beneficial effects of the peat baths. The peat contains a number of substances beneficial to our health. However, few of us know what is that main substance making the peat so effective. Humates, which are present also in Balneol, are this magic substance. They have very complicated molecular structure and they were born through gradual decomposition of organic matter and presence of oxygen. In nature the humic substance could be found in the peat, various muds, blacklands, and in lignite. So the Tertiary forests and bogs were the birthplace of the most amazing natural substance that we can use for the human health today.

Secret of small black lakes
In the areas of lignite seams reaching the surface the local people know so-called small black lakes. From of old they went there to bathe their aching feet.

However, the modern science has unraveled the magic effects of these small lakes. The research showed that the water in the lakes contain humic substances that got there from lignite. This water with humates has a strong inhibiting effect on fungi growth.

Bath, and what's more?
Balneol bio-information bath affects the human organism on several levels at the same time. The active substances directly affect the skin or get to our blood through the lungs. At the same time the bio-information contained in Balneol harmonizes the single organs through a perfect system of reflexive zones and energy channels. After the bath the castor oil leaves a protective coating on the skin. During the bath the exchange of elements between a body and the bath is carried out. Waste saturated elements leave our body and unsaturated ones get into it. Primarily Balneol contains potassium and more than 30 other elements . To enable this exchange the blood should have more alkaline substances. The bath is the most effective in the morning or in the evening because at this time a level of alkaline substances in the body is the highest.

A small test:

If we dip a litmus paper into the urine after the bath and this paper gets red, then the bath was effective.

Owing to the presence of the plant essential oils in Balneol, the balneotherapy may be combined with the effects of aromatherapy . The essential oils evaporate in the hot water; they have a bactericidal effect and facilitate breathing. Through lungs they easily get into the blood circulation, have a fast tranquilizing effect on our mental state, and induce muscle relaxation. The bath containing humates and essential oils has a detoxicating effect on the body, stimulates blood circulation, and mobilizes the immune system. Essential oils directly affect the metabolism and the CNS. The skin is pleasantly cooled down and refreshed. After initial weariness the aromatic bath gives our body energy and vitality.

Make your own small spa!

How to prepare your bath and how to take itflA common bath in a bathtub is suitable for any healthy man. The body should be immersed up to the neck and the water should not be too hot. General recommendation regarding temperature is between 32° and 36° Celsius. The bast should not be taken too long, 10, 15, maximum 20 minutes. 20-minute bath is already rather demanding. After the bath one may take a cool shower that produces stronger skin irritation and mobilization of defense mechanisms of the body.

After the bath it is recommended to put some of the Energy creams on aching parts of the body. Artrin is suitable for articular conditions; Droserin may be used on the area of cervical spine and down to the area of shoulder blades; Protektin is good for the skin tending to the rashes and skin eruptions; Ruticelit for vascular and articular conditions. Cytovital is effective in the treatment of cellulitis and to slow down the ageing. In case you feel that the cream is too strong, you can water it down.

When and for what conditions to use the beneficial effect of the bath?

Humic substances facilitate the overall regeneration of the body . Baths have a beneficial effect on regeneration of joints, mainly in such conditions as impaired mobility , rheumatism , arthrosis , and backache . In Balneol is this effect strengthened with selected essential oils that promote the blood circulation in the skin and joints . Better blood circulation in these places brings better supply of nutrients and oxygen and consequently faster regeneration of damaged tissues. The bath relaxes muscle and tendon cramps and has a positive effect on swellings of lower extremities. It also relaxes the lymphatic system . Humates have a strong regenerative effect on inflammatory skin and a positive influence on such skin conditions as various types of herpes, eczema, and psoriasis . They facilitate the oxygenation of cells and act as an antioxidant . They trap so-called free radicals that damage the cells and speed up the ageing.

The research shows that humates are able to slow down the growth of tumors . They also have antiviral effect primarily on herpes viruses , which are quite common in the mankind.

Balneotherapy using the humic bath has a prophylactic effect on the development of adhesions and it facilitates faster dissipation of hematomas .

Among others, arbor vitae and camphor oils have a positive effect on cases of asthma .


Balneol bath is highly concentrated; therefore a half of the bottle cap, i.e. approx. 5 ml, is sufficient for a common bathtub. Rinse the cap after use.

Repeat the regenerative bath 1 – 3 times per week or as needed.

If you suffer from serious health problems such as vascular, etc., in case of which the bath could cause an excessive strain on your organism, consult your physician on suitability of balneotherapy procedures for you. 

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