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 The Separett Weekend unit is a urine-separating holiday cottage dry toilet for use indoors with a 12 V fan. The Separett Weekend comes with a small built-in fan (which should be run constantly) that effectively removes odours. The fan runs off 12 volts DC or 230v AC with the supplied adaptor and draws 2.5W/210mA. This also ensures that the toilet is supplied with fresh air.


Container and bagContainers and bagsChanging the container

The contents collect in the compostable bag in the container.
Urine collects in the urine basin and flows from here through an internal hose and exits at the rear.


Changing the container

Place the cover on the container and lift it using the handles. 2 containers with covers and 10 compostable bags are included. The bags make it simple to clean the container. Containers and bags can be bought as accessories.



Odourless with fan 
The fan is at the rear and is run from a 12 volt power supply. A battery cable and mains adapter are included. The Separett Weekend can therefore be connected both to 12 volt and 230 volt power supplies..

Handling of end product 
 - Easy handling with urine separation Separation of urine allows the emptying frequency reduced to a fifth. Do you want to avoid the storage time read more about Roslagscompost and Burn.

Alt 1)

B) Place it in a suitable location outdoors
 A) Replace the container. 
Put the lid over the container and use the sliding surfaces to remove the container from the toilet.

Add some soil and put the lid on with a slight opening, which allows the solids to vent.

C) Let stand for 6 months. 
This process inactivates human pathogens so that it can harmlessly be composted or buried, in order to decompose fully.

D) After the storage period 
Compost content in a ordinary compost, garden compost pile of leaves or digging down with Separett Compostable bag.


Alt 2) Roslagscompost 
With latrine compost Roslagskomposten can the waste composts directly including the Separett Compostable bag.


Alt 3) Burn 
With Burn you doint need to compost. Your waste burns, leaving only ashes including the bag


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Like all Separett dry toilets urine is separated at the front and solids go into a container at the rear. Urine separation allows the emptying frequency to be reduced to a fifth. You don’t need to add any mulch (saw dust etc) after use./ But since there is no concealing screen (available on the Separett Villa 9000) it is better if you do add mulch to cover up the waste from the eye. This of course will mean that the container fills faster and you’ll have to empty it more often. The mulch will also soak up any liquid that will inevitably get in the solids container which will reduce odours.

Height520 mm
Width450 mm
Depth540 mm
Weight13 kg

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