Prací gel levandule (láhev 1l)

Soapnut laundry gel with lavender essential oil

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Gentle yet effective gel made of extract from organic soapnuts. Suitable for all laundry types and all temperatures including hand wash. It keeps colours from fading, great for children’s clothes and diapers, for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Available non-scented and with lavender essential oil.

Dosing: One cup (about 35 ml) for a washing cycle. For hard water it is recommended to increase the quantity up to double. For better results on organic soiling or white laundry use our PUER oxygen bleach. Hand wash – about ½ cup for 5 liters of water. 

Ingredients: Organic soapnut saponin, soda ash, silicates, sodium chloride (kitchen salt), xanthan gum, essential oil (lavender), sodium benzoate.

The product does not contain any oil derivatives, phosphates, synthetic perfumes, synthetic colours or brightening agents. 

Packaging sizes available: 1000 ml

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