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  • Lapacho 105g

    Lapacho or yellow lapacho is a herbal tea made from the inner bark of the tree Tabebuia serratifolia that is native to the Amazonian areas of South America. South American indigenous people used this tea as a treatment for various types of inflammation, internal and external. Thanks to its antibiotic effect it can be used in the treatment of bacteria and...

    189 Kč
  • Chanca Piedra 105g

    Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus nirruri) is native to the rainforests of the tropical areas on both hemispheres. Its original name can be translated as a “stone breaker” or “shatter stone” and it was used by the indigenous people in the treatment of gall- and kidney stones. It contains high volume of alkaloids which are able to relax smooth muscles specific...

    189 Kč
  • Lycium chinense 105g

    For centuries the traditional Chinese medicine considered Lycium chinense (Wolfberry) irreplaceable plant. It is the richest source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, mainly carotenoids. It has a beneficial effect on liver and kidneys; moistens lungs, thus positively affecting such conditions as asthma and some types of allergies; soothes irritated...

    134 Kč
  • Uncaria tomentosa 105g

    Uncaria tomentosa (in English known as Cat’s Claw, in Spanish as Uña de Gato or as Indian name Vilcacora) is one the most known medicinal herbs from the Peruvian Andes. Indigenous people of Peru worshiped this plant and named it Vilcacora (= sacred plant in Quechua language).Vilcacora contains large numbers of alkaloids, sterols, amino-glycosides,...

    134 Kč
  • Smilax officinalis 105g

    Smilax officinalis (Sarsaparilla) is native to the areas of Central America and West India. Primarily it contains steroidal saponins, glycosides, mitraphylline, rhynchophylline, hirsutine, and also calcium, copper, iron, iodine, manganese, potassium, silicon, sodium and sulfur, vitamins A, C, D and vitamin B group.It harmonizes the energy channel of...

    189 Kč
  • Tribulus Terrestris 105g

    Owing content of natural steroid substances (phytosterols) Tribulus terrestris (puncturevine) stimulates the production of testosterone and estrogen in a human body. These effects are often used in the treatment of infertility and STDs. It can help also in cases of enlarged prostate and climacteric disorders. It is used for the disorders of kidneys and...

    189 Kč
  • Maytenus ilicifolia 105g

    Leaves of the plant Maytenus ilicifolia contain phytoestrogens that have positive effect on the hormone system. They harmonize menstrual cycle and alleviate flushes in women during menopausal stages. They are able to inhibit the occurrence of osteoporosis and slow down the process of ageing. They are quite remarkable source of calcium and magnesium...

    189 Kč

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