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  • Balsamio 100ml

    The herbal toothpaste with maximum freshening and astringent effect primarily affects the energy channels of small intestine, tendo-muscular channel of three burners, spleen, liver, controlling channel, Yin and Yang connective channel. Among others, it contains copaiva balm and Lapacho and Uncaria extracts. Both these plants have antineoplastic effect and...

    162 Kč
  • Diamond 100ml

    Diamond is a herbal toothpaste with slight cinnamon-lemon flavor and perfume that harmonizes primarily the energy channels of kidneys, liver, small and large intestine, three burners, and stomach. After brushing your teeth you will feel slight prickle and analgesic effect. The plant essential oils cover the damaged teeth with a protective film. The...

    162 Kč
  • Silix 100ml

    Increased volume of colloidal silicon has effect on resilience of tissues. It harmonizes primarily the energy channels of heart, large intestine, kidneys, liver, and tendo-muscular channel of urinary bladder. It contains the copaiva balm that has anti-inflammatory effect. This balm is gained in the rainforests of Peruvian Amazonia. The feeling of...

    162 Kč

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