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The insoles are based on the knowledge of Chinese Acupuncture.

Description and method of application:

These insoles are unique and have no analogues. Pine nuts are drilled and sewn to the insole.
Their small mobility creates a unique effect of live insoles.

The nuts give a really nice rolling feel under the sole. Spiral pattern formed by the nuts, generates positive energy field. To the right foot picture clockwise for the left counter-clockwise. This field harmonizes the field of human feet.

Very helpful in the morning, putting Cedar insoles under the brand name" the Ringing Cedars of Russia" in shoes, walk for 5-10 minutes in the room.
You will feel uplifted, if you do morning exercises.
It is useful to touch the insoles to the bare foot for a greater degree of health receiving massage.
Later during the day, you can continue to use orthotics up to 2-3 hours a day, constantly increasing while wearing them.

During the first ten days of wearing insoles health improves significantly. Hands and feet become warmer, the fatigue of hands and feet is lessened. Improved blood circulation and metabolic processes. Vigorously removing toxins and impurities from the body.

You will gives good results with sleeping with the insoles. It’s enough to squeeze the insoles to the foot by wearing socks over the insoles. Using this method might help people who have cold feet, or are suffering from insomnia.

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