Kedra - sibiřská žvýkací modřínová pryskyřice s propolisem

Kaugummilaerchenharz "Kedra" mit der Propolis 8 stc

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Kedra chewing gum larch resin and propolis

100% natural clean larch resin
Siberian cedar oil
8 pieces of 0,8g in 1 pack

Contains no sugar, preservatives and colouring agents.

The cedar larch resin promotes the anti-inflammatory, wounds healing, anesthetic and gereral health-improving activity.
The cedar oil also fulfills the regenerative function providing the organism with all necessary building substances.

Protects the mouth cavity and neutralizes the influence of different factors (smoke, smog and exhausts).
Strengthens teeth and gums, lessens gums inflammation cleans mouth cavity from the rest of food. Promotes the cleaning of teeth and gums.
Recommended for the prophylaxes of mouth cavity diseases such as stomatitis, caries and parodontosis. Freshens breathing and removes sharp smells after eating onion, garlic and alcohol. Lessens the thrust for smoking.

«How to use» recommendations»:
Recommended for the treatment of dryness of mouth;
Recommended for the treatment of gums inflammation in the form of applications to the inflamed place;
Keep the product in your mouth for 5–8 seconds before use. Chew during 15–20 minutes after meal having rinsed the mouth with water beforehand.

Sharp forms of parodontosis, individual intolerance.

Special notes:
Do not chew being hungry.
The chewing gum is not recommended to use before the meal.
Safe to use as often as required.

Der Mindestverbrauchszeitraum beträgt 5 Jahre ab dem Herstellungsdatum.

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